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Monday, November 01, 2004

Online bookmarks, which one ?

I've come to a point that I really need to save my bookmarks online, since I have to deal with at least 3 computers.

Today I spent some time to browse the internet looking for a solution that fitted my needs.
Needless to say there are many, and I mean really many, online bookmarks sites out there.

I have looked at Pluck, but found negative recension about its functionality.
Then Spurl, but it's not possible to have private bookmarks.
Same for
BlinkTo has the opposite problem, it's not possible to share bookmarks with others.

I've seen many others, but finally settled with Furl, also seeing that people using it are quite happy.
It is possible to decide to keep a bookmark private or public, it has RSS and search capabilities, bookmarks can be shared with others, it's possible to import/export bookmarks from many formats and many other features.
Furthermore, it has a Firefox plugin that makes its usage quite simple.

Now it's time to use it and see if I've made the right choice.

Which online bookmarks site do you use ?