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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

JavaPolis day 1

I'm in Antwerp, Belgium, at JavaPolis.

JDK 5 in Action
Joshua Bloch and Neal Gafter are always a pleasure to listen to. They like the stage, and you can feel that.
The main presentation covered basic JDK 5 stuff, and Neal gave a small presentation on generic wildcards, quite interesting. Much information has been written on the topic (see my previous post on the java generics FAQ), but it was a good reminder, especially if you don't use JDK 5 every day.
Did you know that iterators in java.util.concurrent.* are "weakly consistent" and not "fail fast" as they are in java.util.* ?

JavaBlackBelt BOF
These guys have an interesting idea that can help people (like me) that interviews Java developers for a possible 3rd party contract on a project, without loosing so much time on people with overboosted CVs (never matched in reality). Something to keep an eye on.