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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Natty Narwhal's Unity, final take

I have previously blogged on Ubuntu's Natty Narwhal Unity shortcomings, and added some additional thoughts on my own configuration.

With a non-hiding Unity launcher that works as an old-style launcher and as a windows list, what I really missed were the applets.

It turns out that there are many efforts to replace those applets with "indicators", for example see this link.

So I installed the weather indicator, the system load indicator and this allowed me to get back to a decent configuration that I find efficient enough for my daily work.

Considering that Ubuntu will drop the "classic" mode for 11.10, I felt it was better to get used to Unity as soon as possible.

I am confident the application indicators will improve over time, so eventually - hopefully - Unity will be as good as the classic mode.


  • Hi Simone,
    I have a completely unrelated question :)
    Is Foxtrot development halted?

    I see that in Sourceforge there is a ticket about Java7 deadlocking and, before start using foxtrot, I was wondering if it will someday get fixed.

    Thanks, and congratulation for such a great tool

    By Blogger Unai Vivi, at 08 May, 2013 10:05  

  • The development of Foxtrot is really calm :)

    The ticket at SourceForge about Java7 has been resolved with Foxtrot 4.0.

    By Blogger Simon, at 08 May, 2013 22:39  

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