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Sunday, January 02, 2005

JavaPolis day 4 & 5

Garbage Collection with JRockit
Joakim Dahlstedt gave a really good session on memory management and garbage collection on modern JVMs, with particular reference to JRockit.
While I'm quite up-to-date with the JVM technologies (from the user point of view) it's always interesting to listen to the expert (that make the technology).
In particular, it is now quite amazing the level that modern JVMs have reached, especially JRockit.
One thing (among many others) that has stunned me is that JRockit can change the GC algorithm on the fly, while the JVM is running, to adapt to the system runtime load.
Their goal is to keep GC pauses below 50ms for 99.999% of the time.

Offshore Java Development
Vincent Massol (of Cactus and Maven fame) gave a very interesting session on working with offshore (in this case with India) developers in Java projects.
He stressed the importance of the communications and of creating one single team (not "us" and "they", but just "us").
Vincent also gave very practical suggestions on when it is the case to use an offshore team, and how to organize things to work with an offshore team.
Special importance on software engineering and using tools at their best: test coverage tools, bug finding tools, bug reporting tools, instant messaging, continuous integration frameworks are few he mentioned.